Saturday, January 13, 2007

I haven't posted since before Christmas so I figured I should get down to business. Not that there is a whole lot to report. I have been generally in good health, although holiday food did not sit well with me, nor did the stomach bug I got after New Year's which persisted for almost a week. I went to the Lung Doctors and the Kidney folks and both had few complaints. Though I was a bit dehydrated given the stomach issues. My weight dropped to 120 from the lack of absorption, not that I was complaining. I have been doing a lot of reading and have read four books in a month. Since I have such trouble sleeping, the books have helped me relax although having a bedrrom with no windows, I find that I sleep all day.

So did you make any New Year's resolutions? I did and I am hoping that my friends will help me along the way. First and foremos, my resolution is to get my financial house in order, even if it does mean filing for bankruptcy. You really can't be sick and live the lifestyle to which I was accustomed so I have put action steps in place and mini- baby step objectives to make things more manageable. I have read every online article on MSN money and Oprah's debt diet, and all the tips in Real Simple. My first objective is to stop buying magazines in which 60% of the content is advertising anyway. My next objective was to save all my receipts and my bank statements from 06 and categorize them to see where my money goes. Any guesses? Not shopping for clothes, but to Target, Bull's eye, they've got me. So I have taken to list writing, doing errands in bulk and avoiding the Red Monster. I find that I can ge tthe household stuff I need at Benny's (a Plymouth staple for many generations for household, plumbing, paint and automotive supplies, much less glamorous than Tar-je`. I paid off one looming debt with my holiday money and although that's the last thing we all want to do it has been a huge burden. Lastly, so far, I am taking on a second day at ministorage and although it isn't much we could all use a little extra. I am debating do my taxes myself, because I do anticipate a refund, but then again, I am not the best with numbers and I would hate to make a costly error.
My next resolution is to keep in better contact with friends and family. I now have a land line (listed) in case of emergency and I really need a phone with better reception. I looked up Sprint's user map and it seems that all of Plymouth is the same color for service so maybe it is my cheap phone. I am considering a Treo, but that seems like it would contradict the above so I am torn. I could really use a nap right now.
School has started again and I am taking my last required class, but since I have a credit from last year's kidney transplant semester, I figure I will take an elective after the first 6 week class finishes. I am still involved with the organ bank and I got a standing ovation at Stonehill when I went for my second visit. I think this is one of the reasons I am here on this planet and it makes me feel very proud to spread the word.
In more superficial news, I cut my hair to about chin length because the lack of sufficicent nutrients and the medicine was making my hair dry, brittle and frizzy so I cut it off. No special salon job, just a quickie at Procuts, North Plymouth for life! Alison will once again be in the neighborhood moving into her grandmother's old house. Just like the old days. By the way- she turned 30! this week. Only 6 more months to go...