Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's been quite a while since I have blogged and I am in a much better mental space than I was in my last post. My mother encouraged me to update immediately since my readers might think that I am really on the brink of bad things. However, those who know me well recognize that my states of occasional sadness are fleeting and each day brings a new opportunity.

Good news number 1: I got financial aid! Even with the poor remnants of my credit report, I was eligible and was able to cover this year's tuition. I breathed a huge sigh of relief realizing that if you let go of control of things that you have very little control of and let yourself come to peace positively about the issue it will work out. Since the program is new, I will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants for next year instead of relying solely on loans.

Good news #2: I finally have a place in the family business. Although I am not getting paid in the traditional sense, it means a lot that I am being included and that I have responsibilities of my own. I am the Collections girl! Given my experience with creditors and my people skills (finesse) I have been pretty successful to date. I have been complimented by both my father and aunt, which is really, in all honesty, the payday I have been looking for all my life.

Good news #3: I have been put in touch with a young girl that is being evaluated for a double lung transplant due to pulmonary hypertension. She is being evaluated in Pittsburgh this week to see if she is a viable candidate. I sat with her and her mother for 3 hours last Friday and answered every question I could think of. I told stories and remembered back to the day 8 years ago when I was given a second chance at life. I was honest and told her the good and bad things. She was really cute, as she asked me if she highlight her hair. I pointed to my own and pointed out my roots- "of course you can honey!" We laughed. I really feel like, though I have been drawn to helping others all of my life, I feel best when I can see that I made a difference. I hope to mentor her through the trials and waiting, which is really the hardest part.

Good news #4: I have decided my dissertation topic. I am going to look at the law and policy around the economics of transplantation and organ procurement. I want to see if there would be a change if financial changes were made to the overall process, not buying organs, but giving incentives to cadaveric donor families, such as reimbursement towards funeral expenses or an estate tax credit. It raises a lot of eye brows and questions whether a market mechanism in this field is ethical- hmmm.... there's also a lot of research out there for me to sift through, but there is no consensus.

My body has been very tired with all the work I am putting in to school, work and thinking. This time though, the thoughts are positive!

More sooner than later!