Monday, March 20, 2006

First of all, this is Carissa's baby Hailey who turns 10 months this week. Carissa, you better hope this girl has not inherited your wild side or you are in big trouble! I miss you!

Okay, in other news, I got up this morning and Carrie handed me a bag and said she found it on the door. I looked inside and was utterly speechless. It was a pair of PINK bunny slippers. I guess Kevin found a pair. I thought it was sweet when he said that he looked for him, but to actually deliver, I couldn't believe it. I called him and he asked if I found them and if liked them. ???Are you kidding??? So he knows all about my scars and my life and still finds me beautiful. Astonishing. It's still early and I'm not going to rush it but so far so good. Let's hope it keeps going that way.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It seems that the problems of the blogger have self-resolved and we can get on to the business of reporting.
I would like to congratulate Ashley Trowbridge Rodriguez and welcome her new baby Chloe into the world. Ashley sent adorable pictures. However, if you want your pictures posted here they need to be in an email. While I love the Kodak slideshow, it is difficult to post them. You know, I'm only keen to the basics!
Above are pictures of Baby Davis and the Monkey I made him at Build-a-Bear. The ever hormonal Shippy, forever my monkey, was brought to tears. I had them put a sound card in his paw that says "I love you monkey." I can't wait until I meet him in person.
In other news, I think I have a boyfriend. Well, let's just go ahead and say I do. While I met Kevin in my internet dating exploration, he actually is at my condo complex everyday. He owns a professional cleaning service and has the contract on the condos. He is a single father of a beautiful two year old girl (see above) and he fought for custody for her. That says a lot, doesn't it? I love men in glasses and of course, he wears them. He is responsible, passionate, thoughtful and considerate; he listens and we talked for hours on the phone before we met in person. I have never felt so lucky. We've seen each other four days in a row. Each time we meet I learn more about his world and share a little more of mine. I have been honest about my health, my life, my expectations. He has welcomed me. Even Carrie likes him- she never likes anyone I date. So I write this hoping things are jinxed and I feel like the risk is worth it to put myself out there with faith and hope in my back pockets- hoping for the best. I expect he'll be posted here soon enough:)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hmmm... for some reason I am getting reports of difficuties getting into the blog. was doing some updates and I am hoping that this is the reason for the problems. I would never prohibit someone from reading the blog- it's an open forum for anyone, as we have seen, to respond. It is a day in the life of one Jill Balboni. If youa re this far, well, you obviously aren't having trouble getting in.

So here we go.

I am takingLDR 3300, or in regular language- Developing your leadership capability. For many of the peers in the class, this is their first class. THis should have been my foundation class but with the screwy Northeastern schedule, it wasn't offered. I guess that I have an advantage then, so I won't complain. At one point tonight I found myself giving a basic management tutorial on how to handle a difficult employee. I apologized to the professor later but he said I had a lot to offer the class dialogue so he wasn't wary. Plus, I have had him before. He had seen me before my transplant and said I looked 100 times better. I told him I felt 100 times better and I was back living again- actually living more than I ever have.Once again I have to reflect and keep a journal- so the blog it is. My professor was impressed, I would say, when he looked last time- that was last July. Oh the entries since then! AND aren't you so pleased that my blog entries are more frequent. I know the Southern Monkey is... all you have to do is google balboniblog and there I am!

Something moved me this afternoon and while I was returning from CVS, the pharmacy I have been going to pre-lung tx, pre-Florida/college, I stopped in the cemetery and paid my respects to my family, especially Bobby. I don't know what motivated me- it's not a usual practice for me or my family, but I felt like I needed to.

I finally met the guy I have been talking to on the phone to for hours. I mean, we have marathon conversations. Last night we chatted for 2.5 hours. A record! I didn't even talk that much in jr. high. We have a date tomorrow but I am keeping the rest on the DL as I don't want to be a jinx. Plus, as we have seen, you never know who is reading, right?

More tomorrow- hopefully some pictures too.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MANDY IS COMING HOME- YIPPEE! She will be here, I suspect for Dr. Dad's Birthday and an early mother's day visit, April 29th! Not sure if Ted is coming as well. I will be happy if he does though, we can celebrate my kidney. What a smart man and good husband, opening and reading his email and remembering enough about me (and my bloodtype) to get the kidney rolling! How much do I love the Rushforths, Ted and of course, my friend 'til the end, which there have been a couple close calls we can laugh about now, Miss Mandy!

Here is Mr. J. Davis Kendrick, look at his little man features! He is sure to have some monkey in him if he takes after his Mama! I finally got to the post office today to send a little banana to him! Shippy, I better get pictures ASAP when my package arrives, I think Thursday!

This is Lia Agliata, daughter of Dr. Allison "KittyKat" Kanter (Agliata). Look at the fun she is having looking at herself in the mirror! A diva, just like her mom!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Courtney home from the hospital with Baby Shay.
HELLO MATTY T. AND ERICA- when are you going to be in Plymouth?!

Today is Monday and I have to say it is better than yesterday. My stomach is extremely sensitve and it was a bad, bad Sunday. I am in good spirits though. I am thinking about having a little bash to welcome in Spring a celebrate all things good- A Good Fortune party. It would be in April to recognize my 7th lung transplant anniversary and good health, good friends, and good beginnings... More info. to come about that.
I am happy to say that my friend Alison will be working at the Mulch factory and I will be picking up hours at the ministorage. It's all about the Balboni companies! It will be a small job while I am still in school and business picks up as the season begins. I am out of Dt. Mountain Dew so I better hit the store before I pass out with lack of caffeine!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Well, seems I have more blog readers than I expected. I think blogs fulfill that journalistic curiosity- that bug on a wall- thing where you can tap into even the most mundane nuances of someone's life- and no one will be any the wiser. The only time people know you were there: posting a response.
I have chosen to leave a posting from a couple days a go- out of fairness and the prinicple of free speach. You can make up your mind on you own. After all, this is not about his life, it's about mine and what a good life it is.

That being said I got that damn fish hook out of my bladder and kidney yesterday. It took 5 minutes. However, my OR slot was bumped 3 hours. SO for 5 minutes worth of medical care I waited a full four hours. I don't mind though, someone's life was saved- I was bumped for a kidney transplant. And so the cirlce of life continues... I have a date next week in Belmont when I am volunteering at the New England Organ Bank- I think this will be rewarding work. Perhaps, my life's work. No more dealing with neurosis (other than my own - ha!) and selfish complaints. I will write and speak and CHANGE THE WORLD! you should too. until then, Jill

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Welcome to the Blog Shay Pond Bridge, pictured above. She was so little and warm. Make sure you wash your hands before you hold her!I love you Courtney, you're going to be a great mom. (These pictures got the CB seal of approval for posting) GW are amazing anyway- we already know that! Babies, babies everywhere. Babies, babies with LOTS of hair. Shipman, there's a little monkiness coming your way for JDK!

Today marks three months since I got my kidney! Yippee! I didn't go into the city for my lung appointment today because they changed my appointment time. I have to go into Boston to the Brigham for a little day procedure and I think I will get my labs done then. Anne is going to take me. Until tomorrow...
Another birth announcement! Courtney gave birth to Shay Pond Bridge, a beautiful little girl on March 7 at nearly 1am. I am going to see baby, mommy and daddy GW tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday I see the lung people- it's been a while and I'm sure they'll be pleased with my kidney progress and lung stability. My aunt will be home tomorrow so I am planning on going to see her to find out what the work situation is going to be and to see if J has had anymore successful dates...As for me, I'm still waiting for Mr. Right. I've been informed that Doug is engaged to his whore and she is carrying his child, God bless her- I wonder what it's like to carry the spawn of the devil? Thankfully, I'll never know and that chapter of my life is nearly over. The divorce is finally final on 4/23 and I already reclaimed my name. I don't think I will ever dare to change it again.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Drum roll please...Help me welcome John Davis Kendrick to the world. There he is, posted above, son of my dear friend Shippy, better known to the world as Sara Shipman Kendrick and her hubby Brian in North Carolina. Davis is bound to be a Sox fan, given his dad's loyalty after living in Boston while I, ironically, moved South looking for the consumate geographical cure for a broken self-esteem, (note heart is not listed). Anywho, Davis came into the world with a full head of hair (what the HELL were you eating, Shipman?)! We are hoping that the family enjoys health, happiness, love and always!

Stay posted...More babies and weddings to come before the year is through. I wish all my friends good drugs for a pain-free labor.

In other, much less fascinating news, I got new glasses today, very similar to the ones I've been wearing since I have been blind as a billy goat. I will post super Jilly pics as soon as they are ready! I need more ink cartridges so I am off to the 24hour Wal*mart this booming metropolis boasts! Who wants to watch the Oscars anyway.


First, let me wish my sister-in-law a Happy Birthday! (I did send a card I promise.) I have to make up for last year since I was in a coma, gee sorry. Well, this is year is much improved from the last, wouldn't you say.

The semester is over until next week so I am taking some time to get my stomach back in order- its been on the fritz for like two weeks after introducing new evil antibiotics into my system- DRAT! I am taking three classes during the next 6 week session. Then two classes the next and two in June and Viola! A masters degree a la Northeastern. Hopefully, my health will cooperate. I am going to head back to work, in all likelihood, when the weather improves (for the family biz if they'll have me:))

I would say that this was one of my best weeks yet. Classes ended and though exhausting- totally worth it. I just have to time myself with the whole bad habit of procrastination. I went out with the girls from class and had a blast . I met a cool guy... and tonight 'THE COUSINS" as we call them, Jennifer, J-Bird, Jenn's hubby Rob, Hooker and my grandfather went out to dinner. It's funny because I haven't been to the Fireside in say, five years and that's the same place I went on my date and J calls to say we had reservations. Hmmm... So my grandfather is excited because he gets his Harley back soon- he totaled it at Sturgis Bike Week (By the way, he'll be 78 at the end of month believe it or not!). I thought perhaps I might be able to ride with him this year (last year I couldn't even sit on it with my swollen body and weak limbs),but he put that idea right in the can, given the kidney and my aunt, who will probably get a bad case of arguda (italian anxiety, the worst kind) over it. Any how, here are some pictures of our fun and one that's been sitting in my camera of Baby Jude, my nephew. More later...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Below is a letter a received in my email. I have more blog readers than I thought. It was very courageous of Julie to write, despite what might seem like awkwardness, and I feel like I have passed the message on to another, and then she will keep it going. The legacy of organ donation keeps Bobby and Brett alive.

Hi Jill,
I don’t know if this is proper etiquette or not, but I’ve been wanting to write you for some time. My name is Julie Lunn and my brother Corbin played waterpolo at UCLA with Brett. I have been following your amazing story and wonderful progress since December. Again, I don’t know if its “proper” for me to even be writing this – Brett’s wife doesn’t know me, I was one of the hundreds she met only at Brett’s funeral services. The reference you made about Brett and your uncle being the men in your life and the sense of responsibility you feel to them to take care of yourself just really struck me. The tears just popped out upon reading that and haven’t stopped. So Im finally deciding to write. I hope that this is OK and not overstepping any boundaries.

My brother certainly had the utmost respect for Brett as a teammate, leader, and friend. Despite Brett’s tenacious and aggressive play in the water he was a gentle and “good guy” in every sense of the word. He had an amazingly gorgeous physique and a dazzling smile! My college roommate at UCLA back in the early nineties, happened randomly by chance, to be a friend of Brett’s older sister growing up so it was always fun to hear about stories of Brett as a young boy.

I know my entire family still thinks of Brett and his beloved family every day. I want you to know that I think of you as well, and hope that Brett’s kidney continues to live strong for you so that you can go on to pursue all that you hope for.

Again, I hope that I am not overstepping any boundaries by writing to you. I just wanted you to know that from 3,000 miles away, Im feeling incredibly grateful that sometimes the world is a very small place, where miracles do happen, even in the most trying of times. Take good care!

Julie Lunn

I am living life to the fullest these days, depite some bumps (right, Tambini). I am dating, going to school, looking forward to a vacation (Belfatto's 30th Bday cruise), graduation (again) and who knows what else. For now, though I am looking forward to sleep. Oh yeah- HAPPY is afterall 3:50am as I write this.
More later.