Saturday, March 22, 2008

OUT OF THE LOOP...Is that how you feel as a result of my complete and utter lack of blogging? Well, it's my life and I feel out of the loop too. In fact, the only loops that have been in my life are the circles I am running around myself. I have been caught up with thought and my mind almost never shuts off. I haven't even been avle to take a satisfying nap, which for me is a favorite pasttime! The first quarter of 2008 I find myself disengaged from the things that matter, like school. I haven't been as on top of things like I usually am even though I still find it enjoying, challenging and rewarding. I have been working regularly at self- storage, but with no one to talk to, I usually go a little nutty after 18 hours of quiet. Lately, customers have been rude and frankly, I'd rather tell them to go f@#$ themselves! "Uncle Bob's offers a 10x10 for a $107 a month. You have it for $110. What are you going to do for me?" I wanted to tell him to go back to Uncle BOb's and stick that extra 3 bucks up his ass, but alas, since the Balboni clan has their names on all the businesses in true Trump fashion, I bit my tongue and told him that the $110 was the best we could offer. I don't set the prices. I wasn't even smug (until the door shut). In a recent survey, one question asked if I like my job, to which I replied- yes...when it likes me. I find that I like the job when I see money come in for my collection attempts. Although these days, with the economy in the shitter, I find it sad that so many are having a hard time making ends meet. I really am the collections bitch.

My health has been on the up swing for several months now until St. Patrick's Day, when I caught the flu full force. I was hedging bets that I actually might make it without an illness all winter. Figures that three days before spring I come down with something. Besides the aches, pains, temperature and general malaise that comes with being sick, I have grown impatient with the interruption. I have been fighting it aggressively to the point where I am here both days at mini storage this weekend, even though I thought better of it. "Bed, stay in bed!" my inner voice says. Then I squelch it. I have too many things going on to stay and hibernate in the cave (sans windows- getting old).

I have been hired again by Vinfen! I have accepted a 20 hour position as a rehab specialist for twice the change I am making at the family business. I figured that it was a good starting point before jumping off into a 40 hour 9-5 with commuting. The hours are flexible,it's local, and it actually uses my degree! I have three months before the next fiscal year when they decide whether or not to fund it fully so its a trial for me. It doesn't have benefits but I still have trial work time so I can put in the 3 months and see what happens. Best of all, I can still do the family business thing without disrupting my responsibilities. When I discussed it with Priscilla, the Balboni family therapist, she thought it was a good idea and that my family would be supportive. Of course, I am sure that someone will be pissed off.

Truth is, I need more money. School is expensive and though I have applied for scholarships, it will still be a while before I see just how much of the cost is defrayed. Addtionally, there is a school trip to Brussels in the fall. (The only Brussels I can afford are sprouts!) It would be a great opportunity to go and get a certificate in international law and policy, especially exposure to a different type of organ procurement system.

Well, that's all for now. Mom brought lunch!