Thursday, May 20, 2010

Despite a bunch of health woes that plagued 2009, I was able to go to Florida for a vacation in April 2010. I stayed with Kelli Belfabulous and we attended Carrie's wedding. Yes, Carrie, my old roommate tied the knot to David Longest. I am happy that she found love. I am vain though and not pleased at the effects the prednisone has on my face and body. I am a moonfaced puffball and I am sure those who had not seen me saw the same. I am blessed to have friends that could give a shit less, puffy or not, and still enjoyed the Boni time. I laughed a lot more than I had in a while. It was needed. I think that with the winter and my health it was deserved and needed.

Times have changed immensely since the last time I undertook posting. In the world of facebook and instant updates via text, even blog technology seems obsolete. Yes, blogging in part was a selfish practice to keep people involved in the minutae of my life, but it was also a way for me to process what exactly was going on in my life. It seems that at this point, blogging might help with my insomnia and current state of affairs in life. So alas, I will attempt to blog with some regularity again starting now 5/20/10 and see what comes of it.