Sunday, October 14, 2012


I mentioned my total lack of sleep last night and here it is the withching hour again and despite minimal napping to restore what is deficient from earlier this week, I am here yet again

I love trivia, even moreso when sleep deprived so check out these  "facts" below. Note that the site does not "cite the source," so I can not verify other than to say that the statememts are thought provoking and interesting.

Facts About Dreams
25 Weird Facts About Dreams
  • Snoring and dreaming cannot occur at the same time, You can experience only one out these two.
  • The average person dreams about 4 times during night, which makes it around 1,460 dreams per year.
  • Most of us are unaware of the fact that we become temporarily paralyzed in a dreaming state.
  • The longest dreams occurs in the morning which is approximately 30-45 minutes long. An average person dreams every 90 minutes
  • “Oneirology” is the scientific study of dreams.
  • Every human being dreams except for those who are suffering from serious mental disorders. You cannot say that you don’t dream, You just forgets almost 90% of the dreams within 10 minutes of awakening
  • People who are born blind cannot see any images in their dreams, they only have a dream of sense of sound, smell, touch and emotion. But those who are not born blind can see dreams like a normal human being.
  • Have you noticed that we see only familiar faces in our dreams. You will not see a single person in the dream who is unfamiliar.
  • Men and women dream differently. about 70% characters in men dreams will be men, but this not the case with women dreams as their dreams contains almost same number of men and women.
  • While dreaming you cannot only have sex with your partner but you can also experience a strong orgasm like you have in your real life.
  • In My Dreams
  • You can Control your dreams by controlling your body’s vital energy, by doing Buddhist exercise of yoga.
  • Your dream indicates different things like sadness or unresolved grief if you find yourself in a cemetary.
  • If you see chocolates in your dreams, it may symbolize that the dreamer feels the need to be rewarded and deserves special treatment.
  • You can experience more vivid dreams if you are given Vitamin B complex (B6) and St. John’s Wort.
  • Dreams existed since ancient times, one of them is Flying dream. These dreams existed even before the invention of the Aeroplanes.
  • Psychologists strongly believed that daydreaming and dreams during sleep may be related to each other with different cognitive processes.
  • The archangel Gabriel is considered the archangel of childbirth, emotions, and dreams.
  • Our dreams carry deep meanings that only the subconscious mind can understand. Dreams speak in indirect language.
  • It is very difficult to remember our complete dream. When we wake up we fail to remember even a single sequence of the dream we had during the night.
  • Not all people dream in colour, some people only dream in black and white. almost 70% of people dream in colors and the rest may not be able to dream in colors.
  • Chronic smokers who suddenly quit report more vivid dreams than they had when they smoked
  • Scientific studies have revealed that animals and especially mammals dream like human beings.
  • According to some weird studies, it is revealed that an adult have less nightmares that children do.
  • Some poets and many great scientists have discovered different things during their sleep, they wrote about their dream as soon as they woke up. Some of them are Newton, Graham Bell who were inspired by their dreams.
  • Feet in dreams can symbolize everything from sex to humiliation. They can also represent mobility, freedom, or a foundation.
Again, no academic citations, but for entertainment purposes!

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