Friday, October 12, 2012

That's right...I AM still here! The good news is so is this blog. I thought that perhaps it would disappear into the great cyber abyss yet, here she is. Even though it has been a while (nearly two years, who's counting?), my blog was here waiting for me to post when I was ready. I must admit that it has been long overdue. At this point in my life, I have overcome some major hurdles. Namely, celebrating the anniversaries of 10 plus years of my double lung transplant and 5 plus for my kidney. Though I have had some serious setbacks, I am alive and even the best Vegas odd makers would have called me in a while ago. I failed to publish my "story" (in traditional form), after a lot of reflection and "processing," as we call it in the field of counseling because of my fear that once my story was out, so would my reason for being. I feared that death would be inevitable once my story was told. What I have learned is that death is inevitable for every one anyway and as for my "story," well, it's been told online and nothing "happened."
Not only is writing therapeutic, but it gets better with practice. I'm a bit rusty. So let's get started. I hope that you will pick up where you left off in following my life and that it teaches and inspires. I have decided that pehaps that is why I have been around this long- 35 years damn it and proud. Welcome back, Dear Reader and for me, Welcome Home!
This is still me!

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